Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Why choose
With you can enjoy the lowest rates possible, while requiring minimal technical equipment and skills. You can start making phone calls without incurring additional startup costs.

Is the PayMyCall website safe?
Yes. We utilize up to date security encryption programs to protect your Internet transactions. Even while you're just logged on to the website, your connection is still being protected by a 128bit encryption.

What services does offer? provides customers with a VoIP solution on a prepaid basis. This VoIP solution includes easy to use VoIP software and VoIP connectivity which allows you to make phone calls and manage your account in order to have an overview of your remaining credit at all times.

How do I get a PayMyCall Virtual PhoneCard?
Simply by registering at A Virtual PhoneCard Number will be assigned to you after completing the registration process. Use this number to log in to your PayMyCall account. Also, other PayMyCall network users can use this number to call you.

How do I buy credit for my PayMyCall account?
Credit card is the preferred method of payment. VISA and MasterCard are both accepted.

Do I need to buy credit when I register?
No, you do not have to buy credit immediately after or during the registration. You can purchase credit at your convenience.

How is usage calculated?
Usage is calculated in one-second increments. Your account balance is recorded in US currency and usage charges are based on the proper per minute rate to the destination country.

Are there any hidden fees for using my account?
No, you pay only for phone calls that are carried out. There are no setup or monthly fees.

Is my PayMyCall credit balance transferable?
Yes, you can transfer your credit to any other PayMyCall account.

Technical Questions

Do I need to install anything on my computer in order to use PayMyCall?
You don't have to install anything on your computer. You can use PayMyCall using a standalone VoIP phone or a VoIP adapter. However, if you don't have a VoIP phone or a VoIP adapter, then you will have to download a softphone and install it in order to make calls using your PC.

Can I use my computer while I talk on the phone?
Yes. Your telephone works independently of your computer. Therefore you can use your computer or surf the net while you make and receive calls.

Does my computer have to be turned on to make VoIP calls?
No. Your computer can be turned off unless you are using a softphone to make and receive calls. If you have a VoIP telephone or if you are using a VoIP adapter with your handset, you don't require to have your computer turned on, but your modem or router need to be turned on and your connection active. You only need your PC to configure your VoIP phone or VoIP adapter.

How do I make calls using PayMyCall? Do I have to dial a special number?
No, there is no need to dial a special number. Making and receiving calls with the PayMyCall service is the same as with a standard telephone/mobile. You just have to dial the full number including the area code and for international calls dial 00 followed by the country code.
To dial other PayMyCall users, simply dial their PayMyCall ID from your VoIP Phone. All calls to other PayMyCall users are absolutely free.

What do I need to get started?
You will only require a high speed Internet connection, a VoIP phone which can be plugged straight in to your Internet connection or a VoIP adapter (to use with your standard telephone) and you can start making calls. You will also have to sign up with a VoIP Service Provider such as PayMyCall.

Are there any monthly charges or hidden costs?
No. It's FREE to sign up with PayMyCall and there is no monthly subscription fee or any hidden costs associated with the standard service. When you sign up with PayMyCall, you will have to top up your account to make calls.

Are there any numbers I cannot call using PayMyCall?
You can call almost all numbers as you would from a regular phone except those special emergency services such as 999 or 911.

Are VoIP calls cheaper than calls on traditional telephone networks?
In most cases, yes, call rates are significantly lower than traditional telephone networks. You are charged per minute rates for calls outside the VoIP network. Using VoIP can also reduce your line rental costs as it utilises high speed Internet connections for both voice and data.

Can I call someone who is not using the PayMyCall service?
Yes, you can call any phone number as if you were calling from a traditional phone line if you have credit in your account. Calls to other PayMyCall numbers are free, while calls to traditional phones or mobiles are charged at a very low rate.

How reliable and secure is VoIP?
VoIP is as reliable as the Internet. Most of the reliability issues of VoIP have to do with either an individual service provider or the VoIP equipment that you may be using. There are several problems that you can run into due to bad installation or misconfiguration. VoIP is also secure just like a traditional phone service. With encryption, VoIP calls can be even more secure than those placed over traditional phone lines.

What rate would I be charged if I called PayMyCall from another country?
The call rates remain the same regardless of where you are calling from.

Can I use my cordless phone with the VoIP service?
Yes, you can use your cordless phone in combination with a VoIP adapter.

What type of telephone can I use with PayMyCall?
You can use analogue phones by connecting them to a VoIP adapter or use a softphone which has to be downloaded and can be accessed with a PC.

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